A Maine Adventure


After a long week of late night design (often carrying on into the early hours of morning), I needed a break! So this past weekend Jared and I packed up and headed to Maine for some much needed time with friends out of the city.

After a bit of small town shopping, lighthouse touring, late night drinks and darts, and waking up to huge flakes of Maine snow, I feel rejuvenated! It was exactly what I needed.

xoxo constance

Sketch Pad #06 – La Maison de Louis Vuitton

Until recently, I had no idea that Louis Vuitton made shoes. Gorgeous purses and beautiful clothes, yes. But shoes? Wow! How I’d been missing out! These beauties are from the Fall 2012 collection.

I fell in love with the gold capped toes and the beautiful red ostrich body of them. These shoes seem anything but ordinary, though I’m pretty sure that I could match them to anything in my closet. After coming across these, I’ve begun to realize just how blind I’ve been – how many spectacular shoes have made their way out of la maison de Louis Vuitton. How have I completely overlooked this?!

Sketch Pad #05 – Oh, Those Toes

When I saw these Prada (fall 2012) shoes, I knew that I had to put them onto paper. I love the tri-tone of them, especially the beautiful yellow of the toe.

I didn’t realize until recently just how much I love Prada’s shoes! She really does have a way with them that absolutely tickles my fancy.

Sketch Pad #04 – A Splash of Color

So much of what I do is digital, but I remember a time when that wasn’t the case. In high school I carried a sketchpad with me everywhere, and in college I took painting classes (my favorite medium of that time was oil, though I dabbled in a bit of almost everything). So a while back when I took a fashion sketching class, it was no surprise to me that it was just the thing to draw me back into doing a bit of art by hand.

One afternoon I wandered into Utrecht and found a beautifully compact watercolor set that called my name. And that was that.

I’m so excited to share all of the colorful images that have been flowing from my fingers. Watch for more to come.

Oh So Red

Just a few quick outfit pictures from the IFB conference last week. The outfit turned out to be completely charming, so I donned it again for Valentines day!

(What I was wearing: red button up, Express; black t-shirt dress, H&M; leather leggings, Nordstrom; pink clutch, Franco Sarto; polka-dotted socks, Forever 21)

Discovering Mood

This last weekend I went on an exciting exploration! I was in search of a fabric store.

Before I moved, I shopped for fabric frequently – possibly more frequently than was healthy for my wallet. But 2011 was rather crazy, and in the (almost) year since I’ve moved I’d yet go in search of a place where I could oggle over bolt after bolt of jersey knit silk, jacketing wool, and oh, so much more. But just a quick check on google I found what looked to be the mother of all fabric stores: Mood Designer Fabrics. I threw on my boots, and Jared and I headed to the garment district.

Mood’s website touts:

“… over 40,000 Sq Ft incorporated into its majestic mega store on 37th St. in New York City, staffed by over 50 experienced and knowledgeable employees, […] Mood has solidified itself as the fastest growing Mecca for designer fabrics.”

And once inside, it didn’t disappoint.

Mood’s main level is on the 3rd floor, and as I stepped of the manually-operated elevator, I was a more than a little awe-struck! With row after row of gorgeous textiles, it took a bit to get my feet beneath me and my jaw off the floor. How did I possibly live without all of these options?

I wandered through every color of the rainbow and past more textures than I’d realized that I absolutely need, and around each corner a new idea came to mind. Where to start?! Leggings? Jacket? Something with buttons or tassels? I wandered for hours (very literally!) and as closing time loomed (and the pressure was on to just pick something already), I narrowed it down to a gorgeous black fabric destined to be a tank top with a bit of a twist.

And now I can’t stop thinking about another visit to Mood. I’ll definitely need to give myself more time to wander through the selection next time.

Note: If you’re not in the New York area, but are aching for a larger fabric selection… Mood has an amazing website! Seriously!

It’s Inspiring – Chanel N°5

This beauty came in the mail with my December issue of Vogue, and it’s been sitting on my kitchen table ever since. I’m a little shocked at how completely dazzled I am by it, after all, it’s just a perfume ad. But somehow it’s the perfect blend of decorative simplicity.

I love how something as common as an ad for perfume can be transformed into a work of art. The best part about it is that it doesn’t even have any sort of sample of the smell (as I’d normally expect from any sort of elaborate magazine perfume spread), but the design alone speaks to me so much that I’m actually tempted to go out and get a bottle of it.

Hello 2012!

Happy New Year!!

At 11:30 last night, Jared and I decided to ditch our plans for New Years and run to Times Square to join the crowd. We pressed as close as we could through the masses, and for it being so late, we definitely got closer than I thought we would: we were just a couple blocks away when the ball dropped! There was so much energy and excitement in the air – the perfect way to start 2012!

Right in line with southern traditions, each New Years Day Jared and I eat black eyed peas for luck in the year to come. This year we added a few mushrooms and ate it with mustard greens on the side. Super delicious!!

Well, I just wanted to check in quickly before I head back to my New Year’s Day festivities (read: lounging, and taking in a fantastically quiet day after a fabulously noisy evening). But I hope that your New Year’s celebrations have left you hopeful for everything to come, and that 2012 becomes everything that you want it to be!

NYC Ballet Nutcracker

The Friday before Christmas, Jared and I headed to the upper west side to the New York City Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker!

I started ballet lessons when I was really little, and was a ballerina for oh, so many years. As such, I’ve been to many performances of the Nutcracker, but it’s been ages. Even after all this time, it is still on my list of absolute favorite December activities.

I couldn’t believe how lovely it was out – after all, was a December day in Manhattan! But it was actually rather nice, warm enough that I was happy to shed my coat and pose outside with exposed shoulders and toes.

This shirt is one of my absolute favorites! I’ve had it for more years than I’d like to count… but it’s always fabulous! In fact, I was so pleased with my outfit, that I couldn’t help but practice my sketching.

It was my first visit to Lincoln Center, and it was absolutely gorgeous! Jared and I took so many pictures, but below are just a few of my favorites.

What I wore: vintage black and white halter top, gift; black editor pants, express; black and white strapy sandals.

I hope that your holidays have been full of the traditions that make you smile!

Sketch Pad #03

So, the next thing I learned was designs and patterns… but when I looked through my sketchpad, all I seemed to have was the homework:

So I decided that I should share some of the sketches that I did during class of the model:

Not to where I want to be… but definitely improving! Exciting!!


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