Busy, busy girl

For the last couple weeks I have been designing my little heart out! Among my projects are: ♥ Updating my portfolio ♥ Spring 2010 line of t-shirts designed for The Big Purple Tree ♥ Collection of pieces of fine art (thank you, Matt, for the beautiful wood and veneer!!) ♥ A couple different corporate identities . . . → Read More: Busy, busy girl

Weekend of Relaxation

This weekend was wonderful! I have been working on so much, but Friday my brother, Matt, talked Jared and I into taking the Fun Bus to Wendover with him and his wife. So fun! So worth it! . . . → Read More: Weekend of Relaxation

A Found Note

Today I picked up my notebook and it fell open to a page near the back. Blank pages ahead, blank pages behind, and there was this note: […] . . . → Read More: A Found Note

Jonesing for Java-Coffee Garden

Yesterday I ventured to a new coffee shop. Okay, so it isn’t completely new… I’ve been to Coffee Garden before, but it’s been years.

Coffee Garden has two locations; I went to the one in Sam Weller’s book store, which has always been one of my very favorite places. For as long . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java-Coffee Garden

The Sharpie Pen

As I was writing notes to myself today, I discovered that I had mindlessly added an interesting point to my to-do list: enjoy this fabulous pen!

It is a sharpie pen; turning the smooth gliding feel and rich color of sharpie into an instrument that won’t bleed through . . . → Read More: The Sharpie Pen

Bicycle Rodeo

This weekend I took pictures of my largest design yet (can it get much bigger?) This monster left all 5’11” of me looking miniature!

. . . → Read More: Bicycle Rodeo

Jonesing for Java

coffee is in my blood. . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java

I am Constance!

things that I heart – art, design, film, and coffee . . . → Read More: I am Constance!


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