It’s Inspiring – Beautiful Letters

I had a fabulous weekend full of eating more than I could fit, my family all together, black Friday (and Saturday and Sunday) shopping, stand-up comedy, and Christmas decorating. Perfect! I hope your holiday weekend was wonderful as well. This weekend I also gave my computer a rest and took a break (mostly) from graphic . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – Beautiful Letters

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Hot Shit 2009

Just in time for Black Friday, I give you Hot Shit 2009. Selected elements of my collection; my favorite finds from this year, presented to you in no particular order.

Vintage Mug

One of a kind! I have a cupboard full of either vintage or handmade mugs, this one is . . . → Read More: Hot Shit 2009

It’s Inspiring – I Wanna Rock!

I’ve been working on a few t-shirt designs for The Big Purple Tree Creative Studio, and one of them is rockin’! To get myself into the rockin’ frame of mind, I browsed google images. Here is some of my rockin’ inspiration:

. . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – I Wanna Rock!

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum is text that designers use in test layouts, it lends to a full design without distracting the viewer. I’ve been using it a lot lately and stumbled upon a website that tells about its history. Pretty cool! Check it out…

Rock It!

I’ve been to Guitar Center a few times this week although I’m not musical in any way, but Jared is. I love looking at all of the beautiful equipment just waiting to be loved, like the red Marshall stack above. While we were there I looked at many things . . . → Read More: Rock It!

Saucy Ladies

This week I have spent much of my time working on a new logo and packaging for Saucy Ladies: a local company that produces organic wine vinegar and vanilla. What a fun project! I loved working the modern elements into a very classic, clean look. Check it out:

. . . → Read More: Saucy Ladies

Jonesing for Java – Coffee Shop

Today (after getting a fabulous new hair cut) I went in search of my morning coffee. I headed in a familiar direction, but away from my house, and ended up twisted around on the freeway. Soon I found a cute little place at the corner of 3300 South and 2000 East labeled . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java – Coffee Shop

I’m a star

A little while back I stumbled upon a funny website: Star Wars Uncut. After thoroughly exploring it and soaking up much of the creativity it contained, I decided to contribute. Here is the video that I made (with a lot of help from Jared) for my 15 seconds:

Funny? Wait until you see . . . → Read More: I’m a star

Jonesing for Java – Bad Ass Coffee Company

The Bad Ass Coffee Company has been around for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never tried it. Yesterday it was on my way, so I stopped by. What a cute little place! It specializes in Kona coffee, and it had fabulous palm trees and beautiful paintings on the wall . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java – Bad Ass Coffee Company

Urban Camping

Urban Camping: camping in an urban setting by sleeping on rooftops, under bushes, and in public parks.


Every year my extended family (including my aunts, uncles, and cousins) goes camping; I’ve missed the last couple years for one reason or another, but it apparently has . . . → Read More: Urban Camping


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