Aerial Photography

Monday morning, bright and early, Jared and I headed out to the airport for an amazing opportunity! We were asked to fly over Salt Lake for some aerial shots of the city… Jared filmed, and I snapped nearly a thousand pictures. We arrived at a small hanger that houses several small planes; . . . → Read More: Aerial Photography

Things I Heart – ReelDirector

ReelDirector is an iPhone app for the 3Gs. The 3Gs has a built in video capture and the ReelDirector acts as an amazing editor. The other day, Jared and I were sitting in a coffee shop and tested it out… the audio is low quality because of the noisy environment that we were in, . . . → Read More: Things I Heart – ReelDirector

Jonesing for Java – Coffee Noir

So, I am switching internet service this week, I have been out of the online loop for a few days and I’m going stir-crazy! I was planning to tell you all about Coffee Noir (1035 East 200 South, Salt Lake City) today anyway, and I just happen to have find myself here . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java – Coffee Noir

It’s Inspiring – The Chalk Guy

I received a forwarded email recently that was simply entitled “The Chalk Guy”. I usually pass over such forwards, but I couldn’t stop looking at the magic of the perspective built into these pieces of sidewalk art. I wish that I had more information to give you… or someone to credit this amazing art . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – The Chalk Guy

In Summary – 2.20.10

I have had an absolutely out of touch week! Monday afternoon my 2G iPhone tipped off the edge of my kitchen counter and onto the floor – a fall that is mellow compared to others that it has taken (I dropped it into a volcano the first week that I had it…

…not . . . → Read More: In Summary – 2.20.10

Jonesing for Java – Nobrow

Nobrow coffee shop is on 300 South and 300 East (next to the exotic plant shop). What a fabulous place! I have always wanted to visit, but it is on an awkward corner for me to get to (yep, it’s a stupid excuse). But one recent Sunday I finally bucked up and made . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java – Nobrow

In Summary – 2.13.10

Happy Valentines day lovelies! I’m a few days late on my In Summary for last week, but I have been having such a fabulous weekend: I have watched some horrible movies (but on perfect dates with Jared), built equipment for the movies, and had frozen yogurt by the ounce!

Let’s start . . . → Read More: In Summary – 2.13.10

An Empty Bowling Alley

I woke up bright and early this morning to work with The Big Purple Tree on a promotion for a charity bowling challenge. What fun! I have never seen a bowling alley quite so vacant before. We went to the one in the Union of the University of Utah (my alma mater), hence the U’s . . . → Read More: An Empty Bowling Alley

The Importance of Brand

What is a brand?

Brand is how people feel about you, your company, your product, your service. If corporate identity goes in one ear, brand comes out the other. This is NOT to say that corporate identity = brand, nor is brand a logo or a product. Brand is a feeling; brand is the personality . . . → Read More: The Importance of Brand

Things I Heart – Polyvore

Today, while I should have been writing a fresh new post for you to devour, I went online shopping instead… I am so sorry! But I did discover something fantastic:

What is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web. It is also . . . → Read More: Things I Heart – Polyvore


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