Aerial Photography

Monday morning, bright and early, Jared and I headed out to the airport for an amazing opportunity! We were asked to fly over Salt Lake for some aerial shots of the city… Jared filmed, and I snapped nearly a thousand pictures. We arrived at a small hanger that houses several small planes; the one that we went up in (a Cessna) was just about the size of my car with wings… actually, my car may be bigger. I thought that I would be nervous of this tinsy little thing with only one propeller, but I wasn’t… not even a little.

As the plane started, an automated voice came over the headphones to announce the airplane status. It was the same computerized voice that Family Guy uses for Stephen Hawking… It was really funny to hear it say “niner”

I rode shotgun (Jared in back) so I ended up with a stearing wheel between my knees. (Intimidating!!)

Right as we took off, this was the view out the window… the theme song to Weeds was in my head for the rest of the flight!

As a side note: If you ever have an extra few minutes to troll about online, search “weeds intro” on YouTube… Their theme song is done by a different artist for each episode; I absolutely love to hear how each personality comes through differently in the song.

Salt Lake City is famous for its snow and its smog. This flight was scheduled for a couple weeks ago, but the inverson grounded all small planes. Monday was as clear as we thought that it would get… kind of hazy, but still beautiful.

With a thousand pictures to choose from, there are quite a few good ones. I definitely got exactly the shot that I was after. Thanks, Uncle Terry, for the ride! What a fabulous adventure!

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