It’s Inspiring – Haute Decay

Tuesday I had the opportunity to wander through an abandoned opera house. The building is beautiful and absolutely haunted. It’s apparent that it was a completely grand building in the early 1900’s, but very dilapidated now. Although many of the fixtures have been removed, much of the marble (from tile to railing) remains. I wandered from below the stage all the way up to a ladder that ran to the top of the building: in the basement there was a raffle hopper and as far up as I could get there was an ancient film projector.

What an amazing experience! As I wandered the halls I dreamt of all of the ball gowns, petticoats and black ties that have crossed the floors; all of the fabulous shoes that have beautifully clicked against the marble. I am inspired! Beautiful dilapidation.

In the narrow hallways through the basement and large spacious areas that once held beautiful theatre seating I dreamed of having the opportunity to dress in vibrantly bright colors and spend an afternoon having my picture taken throughout this old and forgotten space.

This concept seems to be one that is currently floating about: haute decay. The contrast can be absolutely gorgeous.

What’s got you going this week? Where is your inspiration coming from?

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