Things I Heart – Tutu’s

Spring is here and I have tutu’s on my brain! I’ve been shopping about trying to find my very favorite (without spending half a month’s rent). I am still on the hunt, but I thought that I’d share some of the best I’ve found:



So fluffy! Wouldn’t it be fantastic with the right pair of tights!


Not quite as fluffy, but it hangs beautifully!


By far my favorite (but the priciest) and prettiest!

4 comments to Things I Heart – Tutu’s

  • Anne

    I love the tutus for babies, but am afraid to admit it, because my mommy friends are so strongly opposed to them. Cleo will have to be a closet tutu-wearer.

  • awwwww Thanks Constance! This is really sweet and made my day!

  • constance

    jared: I definitely need one! (you would love my legs even more if they were poking out of a tutu)

    Anne: I’m so sorry that they don’t approve. Cleo would be adorable in one… maybe while you’re here in Salt Lake? I say start her young! I’m sure that all my years of ballet are behind my dreams of tutus.

    lynne: I am so flattered that you found my post! I absolutely love your work! At night I dream of which legging I would wear with each of your tutus!

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