New York Adventure

On Cinco de Mayo I headed to the airport on my way to New York City!! It was my first time, so be warned that the entire post below is super tourist-y…

After a red-eye flight followed by a subway ride to midtown Manhattan, I was finally loose in the city, and this was the first thing that I saw:

I had no idea! What a fabulous surprise!

After checking bags into the hotel, Jared and I headed to the Empire State Building

We managed to make it there before the rush. I am so glad that those lines weren’t full of people! We walked right through and to the elevator. Fabulous!!

The view from the top was amazing! What a fabulous way to say hello to such a wonderful city.

After checking out the 86th floor, Jared and I decided that if we were going to the top we really should go all the way! So we bought the tickets that took us to the 102nd floor.

It was enclosed (as opposed to the open air of the 86th floor) but the view was fantastic! There we met an interesting little old Irish lady who was a tour guide; she was happy to spend all the time in the world answering questions and pointing out monuments.

After the Empire State Building came some serious New York pizza…

… and just in case you can’t tell how big that slice is, here’s a cheesy picture:

(That thing is damn near as big as my arm!!)

After checking into the hotel and taking a nap and shower, I skipped on over to Times Square. The hotel was only a few blocks away and the walk was a breeze. My first impression was that this was like Vegas on steroids! It’s what Vegas wishes that it was… Maybe it’s just what I wish Vegas was.

Check out the bicycle stop-light:

I didn’t manage to wander to FAO Schwartz, but I did find a miniature Nintendo World inside a Toys R Us in Times Square. And when it comes right down to it, I am a sucker for Mario World… and on 9 screens!?!

Jared has the speediest fingers! He managed to catch this picture: a Ferrari and Lamborghini showdown in the middle of Times Square. (I’m convinced that New York only believes in black and yellow cars… I didn’t see any other colors the entire time there)

Greenwich Village and NYU…

The arch at the center of Washington square is one of my favorite landmarks! I’m not quite sure what it is about it, but I was so excited to see it!! It didn’t disappoint!

The arch in Washington Square is right at the end of 5th Avenue, so instead of taking the subway back, Jared and I enjoyed the walk and the shopping. First off was the Flatiron Building. The Irish tour guide at the Empire State Building said that this was the first skyscraper in New York, reaching all of 26 stories tall. It is beautiful.

Next up was the Museum of Sex. I didn’t take any of the tours, but the gift shop was worth stopping! You wouldn’t believe what I saw there… I actually don’t think that it’s appropriate to mention any of it here, but check out the sculpture below. I’m not sure if I should be intrigued or intimidated… (definitely intimidated!)

The next stop on 5th Avenue was the New York City Library… I totally want to read books that live here! What an absolutely fabulous building!

I have ALWAYS wanted to see Central Park! I grew up loving the Beatles, and I’ve been looking forward to the Imagine Memorial.  I couldn’t have expected anything better than what I found when I got there. I almost cried! It was perfect.

I grabbed some video with my phone… if you listen closely you can hear the Imagine in the background.

This is the under-side of an overpass in the park. A family was performing show tunes just outside the picture… I love New York!

On the edge of Central Park (back to 5th Avenue) I felt like I was looking through the eyes of a movie. Right after I snapped this picture, I stopped and bought a Moleskine from a vendor off the street.

Prepare for some random tidbits! Rockerfeller Center. As Jared said: I can hear the 30 Rock theme song just looking at this!

Radio City Music Hall: The line for Betty White on SNL started Thursday… You can’t see it in this picture, but it’s there.

On to the NBC Studios. We wandered about the gift shop and found this massive beauty.

Saks Fifth Avenue! 10 floors of fabulous shopping! I absolutely love their branding… I signed up for the email list ages ago just to check out their design (and I’ll never turn down a chance to spy on the latest Louboutin’s)

After walking out of Saks, I spotted a crowd of people and feet in the air! I didn’t make it across in time to check out the backflip, but the video that Jared got is fantastic!

Grand Central Station. I don’t know what I expected, but what I found was larger than life!

After Grand Central came street falafel. Delicious! In fact… I could go for some right now.

I’m skipping a ton, but eventually it was back to the airport. We got to JFK before security opened (I had no idea that it ever closed!) Oh so tired, and sad to be leaving…

Good-bye New York!!


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