Random Little Tidbits #4

I am so excited!! I am sending fabulous random little tidbits your direction, then I’m hopping a plane and going on vacation!

♥   How fast is google really?

♥   Fabulous retro phones!

♥   Bee-autiful celebrity posters

♥   How to spot a superhero. (I love that this includes the movie Special – it’s amazing, and pretty unknown… I saw it at Sundance and LOVE every mention that I see of it!)

♥   Just not my type! I need one of these. (Thanks for the link Jared!!)

♥   And on that note: 13 reasons to choose a typeface.

I am not planning on having an internet connection while i’m away, but I promise to post to twitter obsessively!! (There’s a link to my twitter feed in the sidebar in case you are not already following me.) And watch for a million pictures of The Big Apple coming your way early next week!


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