Fashion Statements #1

This spring I came to a wardrobe altering conclusion: no longer would I tromp around in a standard outfit of jeans and a tshirt. From now on I would focus just a little more of my energy towards style. It’s been a few months and I’m sticking to it pretty well. But in order to give myself just a little more incentive, I’ve decided to give you outfit posts (exciting isn’t it!!). Enjoy! And watch for more to come…

Last weekend was my birthday, and no girls birthday is complete without a new outfit. These pictures were taken in my Mom’s beautiful backyard (it consists soley of fruit trees and vines – delicious snacks hovering inches from your face!) I’d give you a breakdown of what I’m wearing, but oddly I found everything (accessories/nail polish and all) at Forever 21. The fantastic green + silver eyeshadow is Sugarpill.

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