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Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! I love it when it hits me out of the blue! I had a completely different post all mapped out in my head for you today, when I saw this issue of Wired Magazine sitting on Jared’s desk. I was immediately intrigued by the cover and spine of the magazine, and as I flipped through it I decided that I had to share it with you right away.

Wired isn’t a magazine that I regularly read, but Jared loves it and a few come our way every now and then. I don’t know why I’ve never noticed how beautifully it is laid out, but looking through back issues, they all are.

This article in particular caught my eye. The typography is beautifully woven into the layout, and thoroughly emphasized by the (mostly) monochromatic tone.

I especially love the creativity that was used to compensate for the lack of color; the pie chart above definitely gets its information across while sticking to the theme. I absolutely love the ingenuity of it!

It’s laid out in a way that guides your eye through each related topic while straying from standard columns, giving it a fantastic twist while maintaining complete readability. I’m excited to browse through the rest of the magazine… more snippets may come your way as I do.

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  • I’m a total nerd, my other half has a subscription to UK Wired but if he didn’t, I certainly would! I love the infographics too, I nearly bought a book full of similar graphics a few weeks ago!

  • constance

    Vixel: I feel so ashamed that I have been overlooking these magazines as they come my way, they’re absolutely fantastic! I’m intrigued by the book that you found, I wouldn’t have thought to look for a book of infographics… I may have to head to the bookstore and browse for one!

  • I was at Barnes&Noble with Sid today and saw this and decided to look through it since you were so intrigued. Thanks!!

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