5 Favorites – Tote Conundrum

The beginning of May (while in New York) I bought an amazing purse, absolutely perfect! I’ve been so excited (even still) and loving it every day.

Then something happened. I traded in my point and shoot camera for my brand new T2i… it’s HUGE! (and fabulous, and takes absolutely perfect pictures!) But with this purchase my purse situation altered: the only camera I can carry now is my phone, the Rebel just won’t fit into my fabulous bag. And then I did something that pushed my purse space to impossible: I bought an iPad. Again, fabulous and I definitely need it where I go, but how to do this?! I think it might just be time for a tote. I’ve spent plenty of time browsing, and here are my 5 favorites:

Dior Le Trente Handstitched Medium Shopping Tote

Jenna loves to pair sleek business suits with over the top jewelery, each piece changing as her mood alters throughout the day. Her fantastic hand-stitched Dior bag is brimming with the baubles that were paramount this morning, and others waiting patiently in anticipation of being perfect this evening.

Brahmin ‘Melbourne’ Croc Embossed Drawstring Tote

Lizzie loves to mix and match patterns and textures. Her wardrobe is full of floral prints and her tote is packed with an impressive variety of lip stick to match. From mauve to fuschia, Wet ‘n Wild to MAC, Lizzie is always prepared.

Kenneth Cole New York Off The Cuff Tote

Natalie loves to give off the air of perfection. Her hair is always twisted up in its chignon just-so, and her nylons never run, they wouldn’t dare. Hers is a tote where you would expect to find order, things such as spare nylons and a nail file. But her bag is her sanctuary, her space where no one else would be bold enough to venture. So Natalie escapes her perfection and shamefully crams her tote with back issues of People and service-station donettes.

One Language Cotton Canvas Tote Set

As Cherie makes her way to the salon for her mani-pedi, she dreams of French beaches. Her tote is full of overly worn copies travel guides that she sporadically pages through imagining all of the places she will one day go.

(I have seen this tote in person, and this is a seriously impressive bag! Click the link above to go to Nordstroms website and see interactive pictures.)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Street Wise Large Hobo

With all of it’s zippers and pockets, Amanda loves that hers is a bag of many surprises. From the flask of tequila tucked in the front to the book of Proust sitting near the top, you never know what you’ll lay your fingers on as you reach into this tote.

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