It’s Inspiring – Coilhouse Issue 5

After my last Coilhouse Adventure I waited with such anticipation for the next issue to come out. It isn’t a regular publication, so you don’t just wait until next month, you wait until the stars align and the issue is finished.

I ordered my issue the second it was available, and one day in the middle of July it arrived in my mail box. EXCITING!! I’ve been carrying it about, letting it inspire me around every corner.

The theme for issue 5 is “Let All the Chlidren Boogie” and the images definitely convey the emotion. Each page is completely vibrant!

As always with Coilhouse, the typography is my favorite part. And there is pleanty for me to “ooo” and “aah” over. And more often than not (I am ashamed to say) I start to read an article, but get distracted by the images. I’ve paged through this countless times in the last month, and have yet to finish an article.

I just checked their website, and they’re completely sold out of this issue online, but I’ve seen it about the Salt Lake Valley at Barnes and Noble (and if it’s in Salt Lake, you’re bound to find it in a bookstore near you).

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