Random Little Tidbits #11

♥ First of all: I have new items available! Go browse!

♥ Lately I have been soaking up DIY tutorials… there are so many fantastic ones to choose from! This one in particular has stuck out. DIY Louboutins. Beautiful.

♥ 3 point 7 designs discusses the Ten Laws To Design By. Back to the basics… Remember: good design rarely falls into place, it is very strategic.

♥ And along those same lines: Frank Chimero answers, “What Advice Would You Give To A Graphic Design Student?”

This is currently my absolute favorite thing on Etsy.

Where We Design is a fantastic website that showcases where creativity happens.

♥ Wouldn’t you like to know How to Really Use Twitter to Find More Freelance Work ?

♥ This made me laugh until I cried: Kanye West’s Twitter feed used as captions for New Yorker cartoons.

♥ Independent Fashion Blogger has 8 Publications to Contribute Articles To in order to build your writing portfolio.

♥ Do you have spare time? Here are 5 Personal Projects That Will Help You Find Clients

5 Simple Lessons About Marketing Strategy and Life. These are ALL valuable.

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