DIY Leg Warmers

I have always been a huge fan of the Do It Yourself projects, in fact much of my life is built around what I can make. I love how, with the right tools and a little attention to detail, the finished product can look perfect enough to pass as professionally created!

As it’s started cooling down, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how to stay warm this winter. I am absolutely loving that leg warmers are in this fall!! Even their name screams: “comfort and warmth”. So last weekend I took a trip to the fabric store, loaded up on supplies, and got to work.

Here’s what you need:


20″ of your favorite fabric. I used a suit wool, picking it for both it’s weight (nice and thick) and that it wouldn’t fray on the edges. This could be altered slightly for a lighter fabric using 2 layers instead of one.

 10 Snaps

 Snap Setter

 Safety Pins

 Measuring tape (mine is a D.I.Y. project in and of itself!)



There are only a few measurements that you’ll need: circumference of your leg (1) right below the knee, and another (2) around the ankle; the last is (3) the length of your leg from right below the knee to just above the heel.

Here are my measurements:

Knee: 13.5″
Ankle: 11″
Length of calf: 16″

Once you have your measurements, you’ll need to add enough slack for your edges. I added 1″ to both the top and the bottom, and 1.5″ to each side. This brought my measurements to:

Knee: 16.5″
Ankle: 14″
Length of calf: 18″


Next I marked my layout onto the fabric, keeping as close to the edge as possible (don’t plop down in the center of your fabric, you’ll regret it). Starting at the top, mark a line for your knee (mine was 16.5″ long). Half way (exactly… I measured) through this line, draw an adjacent line representing the length of your calf (this was my 18″ line). Finish off with your ankle measurement, make sure to center this on your calf line. When you’re done, you should have an image drawn in chalk that looks something like an “I”. 

Note: It doesn’t need to be exactly perfect, but your pattern will work better if your lines are at 90 degree angles. 

You have the frame of your leg warmer drawn onto your fabric, now it is time to get an outline. I love perfect symmetry, so I folded it in half down the center of my “I” before trimming. I started with a straight line from the top edge to the bottom, but my legs have a little curve just below the calf. For this I went back and trimmed a bit out, giving it a bit of an “S” shape.

This step is up to you! Laying out the shape of your leg warmer is very personal. Legs come in such different shapes, you will need to do a little trial and error to figure out what works for you. This is where safety pins come into play. I walked about for close to half an hour, seeing how it sat when pinned in different spots. After you’ve set up your shape, finishing your leg warmers is a piece of cake!

Remember!! As you are fixing the shape of your leg warmer, make sure to leave your buffers that you added when measuring (1″ on each the top and the bottom, and 1.5″ on each side).


Now it’s time to cut out your second leg warmer. This needs to be a mirror image of the first, so if your fabric has a front and a back (which almost ALL fabric does) place it front to front (or back to back) and make your duplicate.


There isn’t much sewing for these, but here it is. The top and bottom edges need to be hemmed down an inch (the extra inch that you included with your measurements). This should make your leg warmers the appropriate length.


Now for the snaps! Think of where you would like your top and bottom snaps to sit. My top is 1″ down and my bottom is close to 2″ up. Once you set these, measure the distance between them. I used 5 snaps, so my third snap is set exactly in the middle of my first two. I placed my last two between my middle and edge snap. 

For the bottom of the snap, fold your leg warmer in half so that your sides line up. From here mark where the bottom needs to match the top.

As you start on the snaps for your second leg warmer, remember that your two leg warmers are mirror images! If you put the top of your snap down the right of one, you will need to put it down the left of the other. 

And there you have it!

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