Random Little Tidbits #13


♥  Bubbles? I think this is absolutely amazing! I would have so much fun with one of these:

♥  Sometimes it just needs to be said: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

♥  Fantastic cases for your iPhone or iPad. I’ve got my eye on the goomba!

♥  The newest USB drives this fall are making me drool! Check them out here and here, and (the one that I have) here.

♥  Here is a guy that makes rainbows on demand. Seriously interesting!

♥  How To Feel Miserable as an Artist. I know that this has been wandering around, but I definitely think that it is worth repeating. Here is the source.

♥  I absolutely love this idea! Illustrations on vintage dictionary pages.

♥  Vogue will be on the iPad in November! I am excited!!

♥  And to wrap it all up, Coilhouse highlights a selection out of Hunter Freeman’s portfolio with The Mundane Lives of Spacemen.

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