An Adventure Waiting to Happen

A while back I wrote about my adventure to the old Utah Theater building (includes a bunch of pictures). Oh. My. God. It is absolutely amazing!! It was such a great experience to walk around this fabulous vacant space.

Tomorrow (October 23rd), Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency open the doors to the public:

One of downtown Salt Lake City’s cultural landmarks, the Utah Theater, will be open to the public on Saturday, October 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sponsored by the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency (RDA) and the Utah Heritage Foundation, tours of the vacant, historic building will allow visitors to view the artistic detail of the theater and consider how its renovation will add to the vitality of Main Street.

The Utah Theater, located at 148 South Main, was purchased by the RDA in December 2009 for the purpose of activating Main Street and sustaining the cultural core of downtown Salt Lake City. Built in 1919 for vaudeville performances and later transformed into a film theater, the building has known different owners. In the 1960s a floor was added by Intermountain Theaters to convert the balcony into a second auditorium. Much of the original ornamentation in the auditorium was lost and subsequent changes throughout the years have detracted from the theater’s original grandeur, yet many decorative elements, including a stained-glass ceiling, remain. The RDA will be undertaking a process to request and review proposals for use of the theater and adjacent retail spaces. [Click here for full Press Release]

If you are in Salt Lake and have a minute, I seriously recommend that you take advantage of this!

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