In a Funk?

Plotting and scheming has begun. Jared and I have started preparations for a huge change… The wheels are in motion and it’s coming. It will be here before I know it!! I want to tell you ALL about it, and I will, but now isn’t the time. Just know it’s on its way.

Because of all of this planning I have spent most of my days looking at the big picture: What do I need to do today to get the result that I’m looking for by the end of the year? It’s kept me busy. But there are some days when working toward the bigger picture involves being slightly passive, like today. My role today in the bigger picture is to stay routine. Wake up, go to work, come home. I don’t have any grand task today. In fact, I’ve had a few days like that lately (maybe a few weeks). Just sit back and let the plan go forward.

How frustrating! I am a woman of action. I NEED to do things. Because of this I’ve been in a funk. When you look at the bigger picture all the time there will be times when there’s nothing to look back on TODAY and see as distinguishing. I miss each day being distinguishing.

Has this ever happened to you? When a life changing event comes along – going to college, moving out of state, changing jobs/careers, getting married, etc – all of your energy is focused toward the preparation of this single event. Which is good, it definitely needs a huge portion of your attention. But eventually you’ll have days like I’m having… I am working toward my grand change, but today my work is done. So what do I do? I can either keep routine and coast through the day with nothing to show for it, or I can do something different.

So I asked myself: What do I want out of TODAY?

The answers don’t have to be grand, in fact they probably shouldn’t be. After all, everything else that you’re looking at is big, so make this small. But really think about what you want, really WANT. What small thing will make you happy?

Here’s what I’ve come up with; a list of things that you can do to distinguish today from all of the others. Things to help you feel accomplished, or switch up your standard routine:

1. Learn something new: how to peak egg whites; how to use that tool in Adobe that has always baffled you; how to make your rss reader work; the definition of a word that you have heard, but don’t know. It doesn’t have to take much time, it just has to be something new.

2. Make something to hang on your fridge. Sketch or paint something, fold a dollar to look like a swan, make a list of movies that you’ve been wanting to watch.

3. Go to a book store and read a chapter of a book or a magazine article. No purchase necessary, just enjoy a moment of relaxation in a very public place.

4. Professional writers often set a goal of 2000 words a day (that’s just a little over 2 pages single spaced in 11 point font… not overly intimidating). Set a goal of words to write for today than put pen to paper, or fingers to keys and start going. It could be anything: an email to a long distance friend, a blog entry, the story of that one time that you just don’t want to forget, a random list of words or sentences.

5. Paint your nails! So easily put off until tomorrow, but won’t you feel fantastic when your paint is no longer chipped?!

6. Finish something. I know that there is something that you have been meaning to complete and just haven’t gotten around to it. It might be something you’ve been dreading, or something from the exact opposite end of the spectrum, something that seems so insignificant that you’ve been overlooking it. You will feel fabulous when you are no longer carrying about the weight of that nagging thought.

7. Jump on your bed. When was the last time you did that?

8. Eat a fresh coconut.

9. Grab lunch at a small local diner, one that you pass every day but never stop into.

10. Browse YouTube tutorials. Learn something!

11. Watch a classic movie you’ve never seen. Some of my suggestions: Sunset Boulevard, A Hard Day’s Night, or Wonderman.

12. Have you Googled yourself lately?

13. Use the timer on your camera and do a mini-photo shoot. Outfit photos maybe?

14. Make a picture-story; a set of pictures that can be compiled with a few words to tell a story. The picture above is part of a Charlie’s Angels/Camping picture story that I was part of years ago. (Just in case you’re curious: 17-year old me is the one in the middle.)

15. Curious about what Earl Gray tastes like? Grab a cup from Starbucks instead of your usual coffee.

16. Sit in the sun for 15 minutes. Drink a coffee/iced tea, read a book, check your email, or meditate while you absorb some much needed Vitamin D.

17. Write 5 minutes of a Spanish soap opera. (It doesn’t have to be written in Spanish, but Spanish style drama.)

18. Wear an article of clothing that you’ve been avoiding like the plague. If you can’t find a way to wear it or don’t feel comfortable in it, DONATE IT! Someone out there will love it.

19. Find a DIY article and DIY! Here are a few of my favorite resources: DIY Leg Warmers, The Glamourai’s beautiful Scarf DressPS I Made This, and I Spy DIY.

20. Help someone out. Donate time, clothes, money. Ask a friend what you can do to make her life easier: vacuum, babysit?

21. Clean out your fridge… yes, including wiping down the shelves.

22. Invite friends over for dinner. Go casual, but cook.

23. Empty a drawer then start refilling it. Is everything going back in the drawer, or did you have a little junk hidden out of sight?

24. Clean off your desktop. If it’s sitting there and you haven’t used it in the last week, why keep looking at it? (This definitely applies to either your actual desk or your computer’s desktop.)

25. Make a phone call. Maybe someone from your childhood that you may have temporarily lost contact with. Today is a good day to reconnect.

26. Exercise until you sweat. You will feel fantastically energised afterwards.

27. Browse through the categories of users on Twitter that pique your interest. Follow at least 10 strangers and see how your day changes.

28. Along those line… If you don’t already have a Twitter account, START ONE! Twitter isn’t about who you know, it’s about who you don’t know. Don’t be intimidated, go for it!

29. Browse the Museum of Modern Art website at

30. Make a date with yourself! Go to a restaurant alone. Scary (ooooo!). It’s actually not so bad! Take a book, your lap top, the newspaper, etc, and enjoy the company of yourself. ** If this is slightly too nerve-wracking, try a sit-down establishment that doesn’t have table service… fast food maybe?

31. Learn about manifesting and EFT. After learning a bit about this, if you’re really interested, I recommend Gala Darling’s podcast, Love & Sequins 9: Manifesting & Magic-Making

32. Look up your horoscope… check out all of the different places that you can track one down.

33. Do your hair different; part it down the other side, pin your fringe back, try pig tails or braids again.

34. Read the SparkNotes for a classic that you would otherwise never read. Today I’m digging into Wuthering Heights.

35. Find a new blog to read. Check the blogroll of a site that you already love, or head to bloglovin for a list.

36. Read a newspaper… the old school version. Ink stained fingers and everything.

37. Create an accessory for yourself. Head to a craft store to pick up the findings for a bracelet or necklace. Find some beautiful ribbon for a headband. You can be as completely over the top, or subtle as you like.

38. Watch how much water you drink today. You will feel much better when you are hydrated.

39. Wander through your make-up. What is the boldest thing you have? Is it something you NEVER wear because it’s just too bold? Give it a shot, test it out! Maybe find a tutorial that will help you utilize it in a way that isn’t uncomfortable. Don’t have anything bold? Go looking for something. Maybe a smoky eyeshadow? Or deep red or burgundy lip stick? It feels fabulous to stick out of a crowd!

40. Do you have a slogan or manifesto? Why not? You are definitely original and stand for something! Put it into words! On dreary days it is fantastic to remember how you define yourself. What makes you, you? Remembering this can completely change your attitude.

41. Meditate.

42. Look up your favorite actor/actress on IMDB, then check the trivia. I could wander around IMDB for hours! Yesterday I checked out the cast of A Fish Called Wanda, today, John Lennon. You never know what you’ll learn. Did you know that Johnny Depp once had a tattoo that said “Winona Forever” (he got it when he was engaged to Winona Rider), but after they split he had it changed to say “Wino Forever”?! This little tidbit saved my ass in a game of trivial pursuit a few months ago.

43. Ever stand on a skateboard? Today’s a good day to test your balance on wheels! Even if you’re not moving, give it a stand. ** If you don’t have a skateboard handy, head to your nearest skate shop, they’re bound to have one you can stand on in the store for a minute or two.

44. Speaking of balance on wheels, go rollerskating!

45. Breathe in some fresh night air.

46. Learn the Greek/Roman god equivalents, then consider reading a story or two about them.

47. Do the math behind why pi is pi.

48. Read wikipedias home page… it changes daily, so there’s always something new and interesting.

49. Do stomach exercises, even if it’s just sucking in your stomach while sitting at your desk. You are only as skinny as your muscles can hold you, and it will definitely improve your posture.

50. Take a fabulous photo… using completely manual settings. It may take a few tries (and a little digging to uncover your instruction book) but having absolute control of your outcome can drastically change the look of your picture

Whatever it is you decide to do, be deliberate about it. Start in the morning and write it down, even just on a post-it will suffice. If the point of this is to feel accomplished, start by setting your goal. Cross it off the list when you’re done. The first day that I did this I set 6 goals and finished by 3:30. None of them took much time, and everything else was still business as usual, but by 3:30 I felt so extremely accomplished!! It was fantastic!

So, do you have anything to add to this list? Add it to the comments below. I would absolutely love to hear what you do to feel accomplished!

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