Random Little Tidbits #14

99 excuses for not making ideas happen… along with a corresponding argument to negate the excuse. Sometimes we all need a kick in the ass, someone to tell us to get it together and stop making excuses.

♥ Glamour Magazine gives you the Dos and Donts of Wearing Tights. Very good guidlines to live by.

♥ I hope that when I grow up I have all the style and class of this woman! She is fantastic aging inspiration! Her name is Iris Apfel, and the Glamourai covers her elements of style.

♥ Every Sunday I look to Gala Darling for the Cherry on Top, and this one didn’t disappoint! Michael Jackson always makes my day!

♥ Seth Godin shares 5 rules for your about page. Most of these are just plain common sense… If you’re not following them you’d better have a REALLY good reason!!

Pasty kids with greasy hair typing on command lines. Dark villains of the networked world. Security magicians with odd political beliefs. We have a lot of ideas about who hackers are, but very few people have actually tried to seriously investigate the anthropology of one of the more fascinating social groups to emerge at the end of the 20th century.

♥ The Atlantic covers The Anthropology of Hackers. Seriously fascinating! This article is a syllabus in the form of an essay for a class taught at NYU. I would love to sit in on this class!

34 Typographic Sins. Don’t do these! Need I say more?


♥ This took me way back! And on top of how fantastic the video is, I absolute love the write-up that Coilhouse did on it!

♥ As someone who bipasses the ever so handy calendar in my phone for the moleskine that I have to carry everywhere, I love hearing about How Analog Rituals Amp Your Productivity!

♥ Gap is launching its Recycle Your Blues campaign. It will run October 6th through the 20th. On top of being a great campaign, the ad that goes with it is fantastic!

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