Random Little Tidbits #15

♥  When you subscribe to The White Hot Truth, Danielle LaPorte will send you The Authentic Dreaming Worksheet. It is AMAZING! It’s all about helping you determine what you really want, why you want it, and starting a plan.

♥  And with that in mind, Nubby Twiglet has 6 Ways To Turn Desire Into Success.

♥  Parisian Punk Rock Marie Antoinette Wedding Photos. Kat of Rock n’ Roll bride definitely captures the essence of individuality meets tradition with these gorgeous photos.

♥  Questioning the 9 to 5? Read this: In Praise of Quitting Your Job. Then, if you’re considering making the jump, you might need this: Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot To Give You

♥  Have a book that you need to get out there? Barns and Noble has a way! But now that the way is out there, Ideas on Ideas covers the question: To Self-Publish or Not To Self-Publish?

♥  Have time? Want to learn something new? Six Revisions gives you 50 Excellent Photography-Related Tutorials.

♥  Maureen Johnson addresses the question: How Can One Afford to be a Writer? I definitely think that this advice (although written specifically for novelists) completely applies to anything you are passionate for; whether artist, accountant, or belly dancer.

♥  Ladies, because our hair is important: How to get the perfect blow-out. Master this, then cut out a few of those extra trips to the salon.

♥  I learned so much from Mr. Rogers all those years ago, and here are 5 more things to learn: 5 Marketing Lessons from Mr. Rogers.

♥  This coffee shop in New York is covered in two different places (here and here). Talk about putting a spin on the ordinary! (Sorry for the horrible pun… I couldn’t help myself!)

I’m trying on a new header for size today. Let me know what you think of the new Random Little Tidbits. Do you think I should leave it as a permanent intro for these posts?

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