Fashion Statements #3

This last weekend it was time to register my car. As I was parking at the mechanic, I saw this fabulous mural behind the back fence of the parking lot. I had to have pictures! And although I wasn’t completely dressed for the occasion, I definitely think that the accent colors that I was wearing coupled with the hue of the paint qualifies for an outfit post.

I’m wearing:

Parka: American Eagle

Sweater: Roxy

Blue Accent Tank: Forever 21

Pocketed Skirt: Forever 21

Black Tights: Forever 21 (yep, definitely love that place!)

Leg Warmers: DIY

Yellow Converse

Purple Tote: Nordstrom

Helvetica Necklace: Plastique 

I have a nephew that has been doing graffiti-style art for a while, and after listening to him and watching his technique, I’m really beginning to love the style. There are a few walls about Salt Lake with some absolutely gorgeous art on them, but this one was so sheltered and hidden, I was amazed that I stumbled upon it!

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