For a while now, I’ve been trying to determine exactly what the theme of I Heart Constance is. I think about all of you daily, and multiple times a week dish up information specifically for you. But what is it that binds the theme of each post together? What is the manifesto, the mission statement, the absolute essence of I Heart Constance? What is it specifically that I am trying to give to you? In delving into the answer I found 5 points, 5 reasons that I write for you. As I examined each of these, I realized that they are exactly in-line with what I want for myself. Because of that, I was compelled to finally write down my personal manifesto. Here it is:

My Personal Manifesto:

I am in enthralled in the constant search for inspiration that will push my creativity past the preconceived limits of my imagination. I strive to expand my awareness of artistic possibilities, thus driving me to learn more and emphasize the variety I’m capable of. I preciously guard my individuality, rebelling when necessary if conformity becomes oppressive. It is easy to fall into stride with the majority, but independent thought is too valuable to be muted. I am brave enough to let my dreams become immense, holding on to them until my reality transforms and aligns. I want the world, and I will get it! I am strong, determined, and have enough ingenuity to create the life that I want to live. One success is never enough, it’s merely a stepping stone to the next opportunity. I am always aware that the options are endless; I refuse to stagnate. I continually search out possibilities and trust that when they are right, if I start down the path I end up where I am headed. I never overlook opportunities that will provoke my sense of adventure, compelling me into the exciting and unknown.

So with that said, here is why I write for you:

I Heart Constance Manifesto:

♥  I write to inspire you to push your creativity.

♥  I write to provoke your sense of adventure.

♥  I write to motivate you to dream big.

♥  I write to promote your individuality; to support you in your rebellion against conformity.

♥  I write to inform you about so many of the fabulous options and opportunities that are out there, just waiting for you to take advantage.

So there it is, my lovelies! The essence of I Heart Constance.

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