Random Little Tidbits #16

♥  I have been completely drawn to info graphics lately, and this one is fantastic! Color of the Year 2010 – An Info graphic on the Most Used Colors.

♥  The Grammar Cheat Sheet. It really is that important. And in my opinion, it starts off right:

Double Spaces: Never use them. Ever. Your high-school teacher was wrong, don’t ever use them.

♥  I am always in absolute awe of Molly Crabapple and her beautiful sketches. And now she is offering them to you with her Art Monkey Font. It’s a free font, so go get it. Now!!

♥  Writing can always use some practice. Independent Fashion Blogger presents 5 Sites to Strengthen Your Writing Skills.

♥  Seth Godin replies to the question: “How can you do it?

“How does anyone start their own business? How is it even possible? How do they deal with the crippling fear and harsh economic realities?”

♥  Talk about violent video games, Phil Hartman really knows how to get riled up!

♥  Steve Jobs first business card. Curious?

♥  I don’t normally read blogs about food, but recently I have spent hours reading Smitten Kitchen.

♥  I recently started reading the book Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity. The author, Hugh MacLeod, runs a blog: gaping void. There you can catch a glimpse into the book, and check out more business size cartoons.

♥  Mashable presents 5 ways to use YouTube to get a job. Get creative!

♥  In a recent renovation of a London tube, vintage posters were discovered. Absolutely beautiful!

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