5 Favorites – Give Us A Kiss!

I have holiday parties on my brain: candle light, glitter, sparkling beverages out of beautiful stemware, 4″ heels in falling snow, and tinsel of all colors draped about. I absolutely love those shining, ethereal evening gatherings!

Dior Addict High Shine Lip Stick – Sheer Vibrant Rose

For an evening of dancing in a hotel ballroom full of streamers and bubbles, Lulu donned her festive cherry-red wig and dress layered with petticoats. To keep her lips quieter than her ensemble, she smoothed on her favorite, pale color. The gloss and shimmer of this close-to-nude lip stick makes her smile shine.

DuWop Tinted Prime Venom – Tango

Marla’s evening began in a limousine and will be danced away. She embraces the simplicity of a little black dress with a pair of pumps – tonight her shoes match her lips in a beautiful burgundy. Her diamonds and pearls are not from her normal accessory selection, but they are perfectly at home for tonight’s festivities.

Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF 15 – It Girl

Meg is on her way to an informal party with a dozen or so of her close friends. There will be trays of hors d’oeuvres and cheeses with what will undoubtedly be a huge selection of wine for pairing. Her outfit is casual and warm, and her coral lipstick is the perfect accent.

Kat Von D Painted Love Lip Stick – Cathedral

(click the link for some of the most amazing lip colors I’ve ever seen!! In addition to Cathedral, I especially love Backstage Bambi and A-Go-Go.)

Amy is set for an evening with the family. Each year there is an odd line between the formal/informal – ness of the party. Champagne toasts are made with the crystal, but dinner is often served on paper plates to help with a quick clean-up. Rowdy kids are under foot, but soon tire. And the evening is rounded off with It’s a Wonderful Life playing in the background while the adults drink nightcaps and reminisce about holiday’s past. For this, Amy wears beautiful heeled boots over her jeans, with a comfortable, fitted sweater. Her warm brown lipstick compliments her hair and gives her just the right amount of “done up” for the night.

MAC Red Lipstick – MAC Red


Rita has a huge holiday evening ahead of her: dinner with the girls from the office, cocktails with the in-laws, and a huge soiree with friends. Her look needs to be versatile tonight. She’s in a royal blue satin dress with matching pumps, sheer black leggings, and layers upon layers of bangles. She’s used a bright, classic red lip stick to finish off her look (MAC Red is the one that I carry in my purse).

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