Fashion Statements #4


Last weekend I ventured out to the suburbs for a holiday party with fabulous friends! Without going completely overboard, I loaded up on my favorite color of the season: RED!! I snagged the last few minutes of daylight to snap a couple photos. The twilight made the color interesting (although it did make focusing a little difficult).

It was chilly out, but I’ve discovered a fabulous secret to winter legging wearing: UNDER ARMOR!! I have a set about for snowboarding, and they work like a charm. The bottoms are as snug as leggings, and can hide as a bottom layer without being bulky. It’s helped me manage below freezing weather without defaulting to denim! 

I was wearing:

     Shirt: Forever 21

     Shorts: Custom made (2008)

     Red Leggings: Uptown Cheapskate

     Leg Warmers: My favorite DIY!

     Boots: Forever 21

     Bangle Bracelets: Forever 21

     Headband: Urban Outfitter

     Necklace: a gift from my mom

     Unseen necessity: Under Armor

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