It’s All About YOU!!

The new year is coming, and I’m already thinking of ways to make I Heart Constance even better for you! I’ve already started updating the headers for my most used categories (some you’ve seen and others are on their way), but I think it’s time that I get your input.

This last year I’ve rolled out some new categories (such as 5 favorites, and Fashion Statements) while other categories (Jonesing for Java and In Summary) seem to be slipping by the wayside. So, what I need from you is just a quick little vote. Below are all of my categories, please pick your¬†5 favorites then submit. Vote as many times as you like, but please: VOTE! The information you give me will mold the future of this site.

[poll id=”5″]

And if you’re feeling extra spunky¬†add some recommendations below in the comments. What would you like to see more/less of? What subjects or topics would you like me to address? Check out my categories on the right side of the page if a little I Heart Constance review would help.

Thank you so much for being a part of my ever-evolving life! Your presence here means the world to me!!

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