My Letter to the New Year

Hello there, New Year!
I have so much planned for us! Let’s start things off with an adventure, one that will alter how I see things, where I go, and perpetuate change throughout the rest of the year. Don’t get overwhelmed, but I’m going to push things to the max. I’m dreaming on a whole new scale of big, and I will plan and execute with confidence.
You’re mere presence is a call to action; it’s been this way for centuries. You are here to remind me that I get a fresh start, if I choose to. You help me mark the beginning of my next great adventure: my next year. You bring with you fresh calendars with numbered blank squares just begging to be filled with the promise of adventure, progress, and oh so much more! I’ve been getting a head start with my goals and I will be in motion right out of the gate.
After the initial shock of change, I’ll take a breath and look around. Admiring what I’ve done so far, and scheming about my next step. Here, things will be different, really different, but after a moment of absorbing my new surroundings I’m confident that I’ll get my stride and be able to leap into the next step.
I know that this might sound nerve-wracking, but I’ve been preparing and I’m ready for this. It’s time for action. Your predecessors have been helpful, they have filled me with hope, determination, and the information that I’m going to need as I embark; but it is you, New Year, that will spur me on to the challenges that I face now, and will see me emerge, once again, on top of my game.
I’m ready! Bring it on!!

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