Random Little Tidbits #17

Chocolate-covered orange peels from Cupcakes and Cashmere. My mouth is watering!

♥ In just a few short weeks, Mercury will be going retrograde. Gala Darling has a much-needed survival guide.

♥ Sarah Maple has excellent advice for young/new/graduate artists:

1. Expect everyone you meet in the art world (especially people interested in exhibiting your work) to be either a) a bastard or b) sub-human. This way you will avoid feeling any kind of human emotion towards your dealer and if, for example, they make £100,000 selling your work and don’t give you any money, you won’t mind asking for some. Also, if they turn out to be nice then that’ll be a nice surprise.

♥ Jessica Hische has created an invoice for day-ruining. Brilliant! And the best part: you can order a pad of them:

The covers are letterpressed and the interiors are 2 color offset, all bound with glue for tearoutability and black binding tape for fanciness / vintagefeelperfection.

♥ Also from Jessica Hische: Inspiration vs Imitation, an extremely informative doodle!

♥ And on that same note: Seth Godin answers the question: Where do ideas come from?

♥ Where Good Ideas Come From. Here’s the 4 minute preview of the book by Steven Johnson:


I haven’t read the book, although I’m intrigued. But the video is fantastic!

♥ About a week ago, Gala Darling and Molly Crabapple sat down with Josh Harris: Madcap Visionary. He’s been studying the limits of privacy online for decades. Extremely interesting!

♥ Problogger shares 13 Tips for Beginning Bloggers (and a great review for those of us who have been doing it for a bit).

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