Fashion Statements #5

It has been an absolutely epic January! I really do apologize for my absence, my lovely readers. But between jumping into full-time freelance, a trip to New York, and the Sundance Film Festival, my time with the internet has been sparse. Let’s get right back into it with an outfit post! I wore this Sunday to Park City for Sundance.

After the bitter cold weather of the east coast, the temperatures in Park City hovering in the upper 30’s was absolutely pleasant. I was able to shed my coat to offer you the full effect of the outfit. What I wore:

Hat: Strawberry

Necklace: A huge chunk of Amber; Xmas present from my mom

Cardigan: Forever 21

Belt: Aldo (borrowed from Emily)

Fingerless Gloves: Urban Outfitter

Skirt: Forever 21

Leggings: Forever 21 (with fantastic UnderArmor underneath!)

Boots: Sorels (more on these AMAZING boots later!!)

Well lovelies, I’m off to get some work done.

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