In Summary – 1.28.11

I can’t believe that January has completely gotten away from me! It’s already the 28th. Well, here’s to a magical February! Let me give you a rundown of the last two weeks:

Last week Jared and I flew to New York on some business.

Manhattan is my favorite place ever! So while we took care of what we needed to, we also did a little wandering through town.

It was absolutely freezing! I did have a bunch of outfit posts planned for you, but the bitter cold kept them all hidden below my coat.

This venture to New York was the first to take me to a hostel. How did I not know about these earlier?! On top of being fantastically inexpensive, there was also a cafe and a bar-style common room. One of the nights we grabbed dinner from the market across the street and listened to one of the other guests (a guy from Brazil) play the accordion.

He did a few classics and then moved into Lady Gaga, and Brittany Spears. Accordion music as I had never hear it before!! (Thanks for the video Jared!!)

Oh! And then the French Macaroons! *drool*. I had heard of these and knew that I needed to try them, but I had absolutely no idea how quickly I would fall in love with them! The French seriously know their pastries!!

And more on food:

I had heard of Momofuku Noodles, and was intrigued. But before I knew it Jared and I were hovering unknowingly in front of their door. It had to happen! So we stopped in for delicious noodles.

And then there was CBGB!! It’s only slightly before my time, and I’ve always been sad that I didn’t make it to this legendary club before it closed. But I absolutely appreciate that the designer clothing store that moved in is doing its best to keep the memory alive! If you don’t know the story of CBGB, read about it here. It’s definitely a story worth knowing.

And then it was time to fly back to Salt Lake. I’m always sad to leave New York… I have so much more to take care of there, but it was time for the Sundance Film Festival!

Sundance has been a huge chunk of my week. I will definitely give you a Sundance review like last year’s very soon. But if you’re dying to know, check out my tweets from this week.

And with that I’m off! Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!!

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