Anna Sui Dress

I came across this dress in late December (after all of the holiday parties were over), and was extremely excited to wear it, but all suitable occasions had past. I held onto it through January and February, admiring it as it hung in my closet, but never putting it on. Then one rainy March morning, I decided that enough was enough! A dress this fantastic doesn’t need an occasion!! So I pulled out my camera.

There’s always a very sweet feminine, girly aspect…a touch of nostalgia.  There’s also the aspect of trendiness; the hipness I try to create by always adding a rock-and-roll coolness.  There’s always that ambiguity…the Good Girl/Bad Girl thing.  All these facets have to go into my designs, or it doesn’t look like “Anna Sui”.

- Anna Sui

This (slightly incomplete) outfit definitely leans more towards the “good girl” aspect of the dress. Every inch of lace is completely on display. But I have plans to see if I can’t bring out the rock-and-roll. Maybe leather leggings and 5″ heels?! More pictures are definitely to come.

In the mean time, check out Anna Sui’s shop. So many gorgeous things!

Thought that I might as well slide one more picture in! This was the last shot that I took… I was poised and ready… then I slipped. The camera caught me just as I fell out of the window sill.

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