Random Little Tidbits #18

♥  Rumi of Fashion Toast was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit. My heart goes out to those who are there!

♥  Give until it hurts from White Hot Truth.

♥  Great Gatsby: The Video Game! Really, need I say more?! (Thanks, Jared!)

♥  Recently the Museum of Modern Art added 23 digital fonts into its collection. I love, LOVE it!

♥  On that note, 5 Principles for Choosing a Typeface from Smashing Magazine.

♥  And for some daily typographic inspiration, check out Friends of Type.

♥  One more design related thing before I move on: A form letter to help you politely decline spec work. Along with some solid reasoning as to why spec work can be a bad idea for everyone involved.

♥  Let’s wrap it up with 50 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City.

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