So Many Business Cards!

Last week was definitely a week of business cards – with 3 finished products coming together within just a couple days!

I’ve been working with the Saucy Ladies for a while now. Last summer – as they made the transition from hand-made, organic sauces to catering – the owner approached me to develop an identity and marketing materials specific to her catering. I started with a few mock-ups, then dove into photo shoots of her fantastic food. With the product of 4 full days of pictures to work with, we’re nearing the end. The business cards were finally printed last week, and the turned out perfectly! They’re a 3″x5″ size with a recipe on back, setting them apart from the rest while reflecting the nature of her business.

While I do update my portfolio as new projects come to fruition, it seems like good practice to give it a grand overhaul every year: more than that is extremely time consuming, and less would just be neglectful. With a new look to house my designs, comes a new feel for my design identity for the year. And new business cards! I absolutely LOVE this year’s rendition!

During the process of updating my cards, I talked to Jared (of The Big Purple Tree) and we decided to update his as well. Last year’s cards for The Big Purple Tree were very graphic heavy, this year we decided to put more emphasis on the film/video work that he does. I used an image that we had already photographed as a website banner in order to maintain consistency throughout the mediums, and simplified everything with a white background.

I absolutely love seeing the end results of my work!!

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