Photo Editing Samples

I recently realized that I have been doing a bunch of photo editing, and haven’t thought to show you any before and after pictures. (How thoughtless of me!!) But it’s an oversight that can easily be fixed. Below are three of my favorites. In the future, I’ll remember to share more!

This one was fixed for the front of the new business cards for The Big Purple Tree. For it I slightly intensified the black, and increased the lens coloring, as well as cleaned up the background. Sometimes simple things can make all the difference.

This has to be one of my absolute favorite pictures! (Done for a header for The Big Purple Tree’s website) The retouching was minimal (I only altered the color of the leaf), but the reaction that it gets makes me smile every time!!

Out of the three photos, this is definitely the most drastic. First off I flipped the image (left to right) and smoothed out skin imperfections, including the dark circles under my eyes. Next, I altered the hair color and intensified the color of the eyes. Finally I erased the background, matching the new color to a shade that peeked through strands of hair in order to maintain consistency.

I absolutely love seeing where it started, and how I could alter it while maintaining believability. Photo editing and retouching gives a whole new life to each photo!

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