Sketch Pad #1

I’ve been sketching almost all of my life, but in recent years I’ve gotten a bit rusty. My work revolves around my mouse; I spend most of my days in Adobe Illustrator working to perfect each line that I plot. I live and breathe layouts and typography.

But I am always striving to become better, learn more, and expand my talents. So with that in mind, I signed up for a class. It’s been 5 years since I graduated college, and although I do tutorials frequently, and really push myself to do better, nothing compares to getting feedback from a teacher. I enrolled at Parsons for a fashion sketching class; I love the concept of not only learning to draw people, but learning how to appropriately add clothes to them! And as a perk, it’s also done with charcoal… a medium I’ve never explored.

With all of the pages that I’m filling up with drawings, I’ve decided that I really should share some with you! Classes are weekly through the end of the semester… and I’m bound to only get better! So I think that I’ll start at the beginning and show you more along as I go.

(Just a note: I just barely discovered how fabulous instagram is – I know, I know, I’m completely behind the curve! – so I went a little crazy… The next posts won’t be quite so instagram heavy.)

The first few weeks were focused on gesture drawings: getting a rough skeleton of the figure onto paper. We talked about 8-head tall figures, and poses. We did drawings based off of live models, and I filled up countless pages in my 18″x23″ sketchbook. But despite all of the work and learning, it didn’t really leave me with any fantastic images to show.

So, onto the next step… After the gesture drawings, I learned to really get the figure of the ribcage and hips down. Both of these can be thought of as boxes, and I love how this show where the drawing is going.

Stay tuned… my sketch pad is filling up quickly! I have so much more to share!

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