With All The Lights Twinkling…

Last weekend, Jared and I bundled up and headed out to visit the Rockefeller tree, now fully decorated and twinkling. Once we got there, we stood around, looking like tourists, taking pictures of everything that sparkled. I love the magic of the holidays in Manhattan!

Rockefeller Center was completely packed! People bustling about absorbing the holiday cheer. And then something even more magical happened… I heard a clock ticking, and turned to Saks…

I recorded the show, but when I uploaded it to youtube, I found that (of course) Saks had a much better version! (If you’d like to see mine, you can check it out here)

After the show, we headed across the street to check out Saks Holiday Windows. Their theme this year is inspired by the book Who Makes the Snow?; it’s a gorgeous collection of holiday dresses surrounded by shimmering bubbles and the fabulous contraptions that make them!

This next one is one of my favorite picture of the night… if you’re looking for it, you can see Rockefeller Center and the tree in the reflection!




So, after I watched Saks version of their show, I came across another magical holiday video that they’ve put out. It’s a little corny, but I love it!!

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