Discovering Mood

This last weekend I went on an exciting exploration! I was in search of a fabric store.

Before I moved, I shopped for fabric frequently – possibly more frequently than was healthy for my wallet. But 2011 was rather crazy, and in the (almost) year since I’ve moved I’d yet go in search of a place where I could oggle over bolt after bolt of jersey knit silk, jacketing wool, and oh, so much more. But just a quick check on google I found what looked to be the mother of all fabric stores: Mood Designer Fabrics. I threw on my boots, and Jared and I headed to the garment district.

Mood’s website touts:

“… over 40,000 Sq Ft incorporated into its majestic mega store on 37th St. in New York City, staffed by over 50 experienced and knowledgeable employees, […] Mood has solidified itself as the fastest growing Mecca for designer fabrics.”

And once inside, it didn’t disappoint.

Mood’s main level is on the 3rd floor, and as I stepped of the manually-operated elevator, I was a more than a little awe-struck! With row after row of gorgeous textiles, it took a bit to get my feet beneath me and my jaw off the floor. How did I possibly live without all of these options?

I wandered through every color of the rainbow and past more textures than I’d realized that I absolutely need, and around each corner a new idea came to mind. Where to start?! Leggings? Jacket? Something with buttons or tassels? I wandered for hours (very literally!) and as closing time loomed (and the pressure was on to just pick something already), I narrowed it down to a gorgeous black fabric destined to be a tank top with a bit of a twist.

And now I can’t stop thinking about another visit to Mood. I’ll definitely need to give myself more time to wander through the selection next time.

Note: If you’re not in the New York area, but are aching for a larger fabric selection… Mood has an amazing website! Seriously!

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