Passionate artist. Rogue economist. I am an explosion of  ideas and inspiration fueled by all of the energy contained in this vast universe, and buzzing while black coffee runs through my veins. I am Constance! I was raised by entrepreneurial hippies where the scent of sawdust, acrylic paint, and herbs filled the house. This left thoughts of grandeur swimming through my brain and my background full of artistic work weaving through most mediums. I have a broad sense of creativity coupled with an acute style of original design. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Utah in 2006, but soon after graduation, I released my stifled creativity. This compelling combination gives me a unique perspective on market trends and business needs along with the ability to incorporate them into my designs. The art that I create entwines creativity and functionality. I strive daily to take every image, from the simplest to the most complex, and give it purpose and meaning; I love the beauty and message that can be embedded into every design.

You can always get in touch with me by email: constance@iheartconstance.com

My Personal Manifesto:

I am in enthralled in the constant search for inspiration that will push my creativity past the preconceived limits of my imagination. I strive to expand my awareness of possibilities, thus driving me to learn more and emphasize the variety I’m capable of. I preciously guard my individuality, rebelling when necessary if conformity becomes oppressive. It is easy to fall into stride with the majority, but independent thought is too valuable to be muted. I am brave enough to let my dreams become immense, holding on to them until my reality transforms and aligns. I want the world, and I will get it! I am strong, determined, and have enough ingenuity to create the life that I want to live. One success is never enough, it’s merely a stepping stone to the next opportunity. I am always aware that the options are endless; I refuse to stagnate. I endlessly search out opportunities and trust that when they are right, if I start down the path I end up where I am headed. I never overlook opportunities that will provoke my sense of adventure, compelling me into the exciting and unknown.

My Manifesto for iheartconstance.com:

♥  I write to inspire you to push your creativity.

♥  I write to provoke your sense of adventure.

♥  I write to motivate you to dream big.

♥  I write to promote your sense of individuality; to support you in your rebellion against conformity.

♥  I write to inform you about so many of the fabulous options and opportunities that are out there, just waiting for you to take advantage

Copyright stuff:

Images on this site are all copyright 2012 i heart constance, unless otherwise stated. From time to time I do include images that I cannot find an original source for. If you come across an image of yours that does not have proper credit, please contact me so that the appropriate recognition/copyright can be included. If you prefer that your image be removed, please contact me so that prompt action can be taken.



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