A Maine Adventure

After a long week of late night design (often carrying on into the early hours of morning), I needed a break! So this past weekend Jared and I packed up and headed to Maine for some much needed time with friends out of the city.

After a bit of small town shopping, lighthouse . . . → Read More: A Maine Adventure

Discovering Mood

This last weekend I went on an exciting exploration! I was in search of a fabric store.

Before I moved, I shopped for fabric frequently – possibly more frequently than was healthy for my wallet. But 2011 was rather crazy, and in the (almost) year since I’ve moved I’d yet go in search of . . . → Read More: Discovering Mood

With All The Lights Twinkling…

Last weekend, Jared and I bundled up and headed out to visit the Rockefeller tree, now fully decorated and twinkling. Once we got there, we stood around, looking like tourists, taking pictures of everything that sparkled. I love the magic of the holidays in Manhattan!

Rockefeller Center was completely packed! People . . . → Read More: With All The Lights Twinkling…

A Very Rockefeller Outing

I absolutely love this time of year! Winter is in the air, but not quite here yet… holiday decorations are going up, but it’s an unusual 70 degrees. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Jared and I stayed in the city for the holiday weekend, so after all of the post-Thanksgiving relaxing we decided to head out . . . → Read More: A Very Rockefeller Outing

An Adventure Waiting to Happen

A while back I wrote about my adventure to the old Utah Theater building (includes a bunch of pictures). Oh. My. God. It is absolutely amazing!! It was such a great experience to walk around this fabulous vacant space.

Tomorrow (October 23rd), Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency open the . . . → Read More: An Adventure Waiting to Happen

Birthday! Birthday!!

Hello there, lovelies! Party hats and streamers are scattered everywhere at iheartconstance… it’s a birthday! A year ago today I opened a door and let you into my life; I started by telling you about coffee and sharpies, and, well, things have just ignited from there. This last year has been AMAZING!! Thank you . . . → Read More: Birthday! Birthday!!

Glimpse – Into the Pelican

Yesterday there was an exciting package for Jared in the mail! After he ripped open the box, I couldn’t help but snap pictures of the resulting absurdity:

With a warning that illustrated, I HAD to climb in!

. . . → Read More: Glimpse – Into the Pelican

Glimpse – Screen Printing

It’s been crazy at Chez Constance lately, so I only have a couple minutes. But I wanted to share some of the excitement with you! So here is a glimpse of what’s been going on:

. . . → Read More: Glimpse – Screen Printing

New York Adventure

On Cinco de Mayo I headed to the airport on my way to New York City!! It was my first time, so be warned that the entire post below is super tourist-y…

After a red-eye flight followed by a subway ride to midtown Manhattan, I was finally loose in the city, and this was . . . → Read More: New York Adventure

Aerial Photography

Monday morning, bright and early, Jared and I headed out to the airport for an amazing opportunity! We were asked to fly over Salt Lake for some aerial shots of the city… Jared filmed, and I snapped nearly a thousand pictures. We arrived at a small hanger that houses several small planes; . . . → Read More: Aerial Photography


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