An Empty Bowling Alley

I woke up bright and early this morning to work with The Big Purple Tree on a promotion for a charity bowling challenge. What fun! I have never seen a bowling alley quite so vacant before. We went to the one in the Union of the University of Utah (my alma mater), hence the U’s . . . → Read More: An Empty Bowling Alley

Olympic Super-Pipe Qualifiers

This weekend I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Olympic Qualifier event for the snowboarding super-pipe. And not just attend! My friend managed to score media passes for an up-close view of all of the snowboarding magic! (Thanks Emily!!)

It all started at the Vinter Haus. The stars were in . . . → Read More: Olympic Super-Pipe Qualifiers

My Adventures in Reading

As I have said before, Sam Weller’s Book Store is one of my very favorite places. It has an old world feel to it; maybe it is all the antique books, or maybe that the layout of the place looks like it was a bookstore back when horse drawn carriages made their . . . → Read More: My Adventures in Reading


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