It’s Inspiring – Chanel N°5

This beauty came in the mail with my December issue of Vogue, and it’s been sitting on my kitchen table ever since. I’m a little shocked at how completely dazzled I am by it, after all, it’s just a perfume ad. But somehow it’s the perfect blend of decorative simplicity.

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It’s Inspiring – Font Face

I came across this and absolutely had to share it with you! It is a beautiful tribute to four classic typefaces, done by a Spanish design studio, Atipo.

And if the images alone aren’t enough, the video below is sure to get your creative juices flowing:

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It’s Inspiring: BAZAAR February 2011

Recently I picked up an issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. It isn’t a magazine that I generally read, although I don’t know why. As I was flipping through I came across a couple pages that I had to share with you!

These title pages beautifully embrace simple colors and plentiful white space, allowing . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring: BAZAAR February 2011

It’s Inspiring – Grégoire Alexandre

I recently came across the portfolio of Grégoire Alexandre, and I keep going back to thumb through. The ideas are so interesting; the images, so unrealistic. I’m at such a loss for words!

There are hundreds of pictures to browse through there! Go! Be inspired!

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It’s Inspiring – Space Painting

Although I’ve used it to paint furnature before, I’ve never mastered the art of spray painting. I just might have to learn!

Thanks to Ethan for introducing me to Space Painting.

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It’s Inspiring – U&lc

U&lc Volume 1.1

Until recently, I had never heard of Upper & lower case magazine (U&lc). It’s slightly before my time – its last issue was 1999. But last month released it’s first post containing all of the issues from the magazine’s first year (1974), scanned in their entirity.

U&lc Volume 1.2 . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – U&lc

It’s Inspiring – Fstoppers + iPhone

I absolutely LOVE examples of how skill trumps equipment! It’s definitely reasuring to know that having the latest and greatest isn’t always a necessity. recently created a video to prove this point. Check it out:

There is an article to go with this video, look for it here.

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It’s Inspiring – Coilhouse Issue 5

After my last Coilhouse Adventure I waited with such anticipation for the next issue to come out. It isn’t a regular publication, so you don’t just wait until next month, you wait until the stars align and the issue is finished.

I ordered my issue the second it was available, and one day . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – Coilhouse Issue 5

It’s Inspiring – Wired Magazine

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! I love it when it hits me out of the blue! I had a completely different post all mapped out in my head for you today, when I saw this issue of Wired Magazine sitting on Jared’s desk. I was immediately intrigued by the cover and spine of the magazine, . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – Wired Magazine

It’s Inspiring – Local Chalk

Every year down the middle of the out door mall near my house they hold a chalk art festival. This year I just happened to stumble upon it – I am so happy that I had an urge for a fabulous new skirt! I’m so impressed with all of the artists; some are professional . . . → Read More: It’s Inspiring – Local Chalk


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