Sketch Pad #06 – La Maison de Louis Vuitton

Until recently, I had no idea that Louis Vuitton made shoes. Gorgeous purses and beautiful clothes, yes. But shoes? Wow! How I’d been missing out! These beauties are from the Fall 2012 collection.

I fell in love with the gold capped toes and the beautiful red ostrich body of them. These shoes . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #06 – La Maison de Louis Vuitton

Sketch Pad #05 – Oh, Those Toes

When I saw these Prada (fall 2012) shoes, I knew that I had to put them onto paper. I love the tri-tone of them, especially the beautiful yellow of the toe.

I didn’t realize until recently just how much I love Prada’s shoes! She really does have a way with them that absolutely tickles . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #05 – Oh, Those Toes

Sketch Pad #04 – A Splash of Color

So much of what I do is digital, but I remember a time when that wasn’t the case. In high school I carried a sketchpad with me everywhere, and in college I took painting classes (my favorite medium of that time was oil, though I dabbled in a bit of almost everything). So a . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #04 – A Splash of Color

Sketch Pad #03

So, the next thing I learned was designs and patterns… but when I looked through my sketchpad, all I seemed to have was the homework:

So I decided that I should share some of the sketches that I did during class of the model:

Not to where I want to be… but . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #03

Sketch Pad #02

After all of the gesture drawings and boxes, the next thing in my sketch pad are drawings of different types of garments and fabric. In class we looked at how skirts hung, where the hem of jackets fall to, and how to add pants to my stick drawings of legs.

And as . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #02

Sketch Pad #1

I’ve been sketching almost all of my life, but in recent years I’ve gotten a bit rusty. My work revolves around my mouse; I spend most of my days in Adobe Illustrator working to perfect each line that I plot. I live and breathe layouts and typography.

But I am always striving to become . . . → Read More: Sketch Pad #1


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