The Holidays Take Shapes

Recently I came across this tutorial, and decided that I had to take advantage of all the lights strung about the city for the holidays.

Jared and I made 7 different shapes, and went to take pictures a couple different times. We ended up with over 1500 pictures and 20 videos… Yep, we went a little crazy. And after hours of sorting through all of the fabulous results, below are my favorites.

(Jared: Thank you so much for taking so many photos and making amazing videos!!) The blue lights are from the tree at Bryant Park, and the multi-color lights are the tree at Rockefeller.

I hope your holidays are amazing!

A Little Holiday Cheer

Although it seems like things should be calming down as the holidays approach, this week has been absolutely crazy for me! I have so many pictures and stories to share with you, but no time! I’ll get to it soon, I promise. In the mean time, here’s a little something to put you in the holiday spirit!

Thanks so much to the Amazing Jared for filming and editing this!!

Jared and I went out a few different nights and took literally thousands of pictures and so much video. I have so much more to share… keep your eyes open for it over the weekend.

Sketch Pad #02

After all of the gesture drawings and boxes, the next thing in my sketch pad are drawings of different types of garments and fabric. In class we looked at how skirts hung, where the hem of jackets fall to, and how to add pants to my stick drawings of legs.

And as for fabrics, we started with the basics: the smooth, round lines of flowing silk; the crisp angles of cotton; and the large, round folds of heavy wool.

It’s been 9 weeks since I drew these, and my drawings have progressed so much. I’m really excited to show you some of my more recent work… but all in good time!

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and thoughts of gifts are in the air! Below are a few things that have caught my eye, and hopefully they help you while contemplating what to get for those on your list.

1. Beige Brown Floral Linen Pencil Case

With all of the sketching that I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a good way to keep my pencils organized. And this one’s a beauty! I especially appreciate that, though it’s light on the outside, the lining of this case is a dark brown, hiding the inevitable ink and lead marks that come with the pencil case territory. Office supply stores do have a limited selection of pencil cases, but Etsy has the motherlode!

2. Molly Crabapple’s Silkscreen of the Month Club

The amazing Molly Crabapple has just rolled out her Silkscreen of the Month Club. What an absolutely brilliant idea! With the promise of a beautiful piece of art delivered each month, I may just be tempted to get this for myself. It’s $60/month, or you can really splurge, and pick up the option that comes with a hand-bound portfolio created to fit each piece for the year.

3. ALDO Buschur Leopard Pony Slipper Shoes

Because leopard print goes with everything, and a good pair of loafers is a closet staple.

4. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Be brave! Buy a girl in your life an adventure lipgloss! I have a tendency to fall into a routine with my lip gloss; I have the brands I like, and I tend not to deviate from them when buying a replacement. But the adventure lip glosses that have been gifted to me have proven to be some of my favorites!

5. Winter Wool Cape

Absolutely gorgeous, custom made, and affordable! A good cape is hard to find, but this one is a beauty!

6. Wacom Bamboo Stylus

This looks like more fun than function, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing!

7. Make Your Own Muppet

You read that right! FAO Schwartz now offers a Make Your Own Muppet! Need I say more?

8. On The Ave Earmuffs by Kate Spade

Protect the ears of a girl you love. And like I said before, leopard print goes with everything!

9. Wacom Inkling

Really?! This may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!

Okay, this one doesn’t really count as it isn’t available quite yet… but I’ve done some serious research on this (short of actually getting my hands on one to play with) and overall it looks to be absolutely amazing! It will be available through Amazon, but, like I said, unfortunately it isn’t up yet. (I’m really sorry to tease you with this… I thought about leaving it off the list, but it’s just too amazing!)

With All The Lights Twinkling…

Last weekend, Jared and I bundled up and headed out to visit the Rockefeller tree, now fully decorated and twinkling. Once we got there, we stood around, looking like tourists, taking pictures of everything that sparkled. I love the magic of the holidays in Manhattan!

Rockefeller Center was completely packed! People bustling about absorbing the holiday cheer. And then something even more magical happened… I heard a clock ticking, and turned to Saks…

I recorded the show, but when I uploaded it to youtube, I found that (of course) Saks had a much better version! (If you’d like to see mine, you can check it out here)

After the show, we headed across the street to check out Saks Holiday Windows. Their theme this year is inspired by the book Who Makes the Snow?; it’s a gorgeous collection of holiday dresses surrounded by shimmering bubbles and the fabulous contraptions that make them!

This next one is one of my favorite picture of the night… if you’re looking for it, you can see Rockefeller Center and the tree in the reflection!




So, after I watched Saks version of their show, I came across another magical holiday video that they’ve put out. It’s a little corny, but I love it!!

Sketch Pad #1

I’ve been sketching almost all of my life, but in recent years I’ve gotten a bit rusty. My work revolves around my mouse; I spend most of my days in Adobe Illustrator working to perfect each line that I plot. I live and breathe layouts and typography.

But I am always striving to become better, learn more, and expand my talents. So with that in mind, I signed up for a class. It’s been 5 years since I graduated college, and although I do tutorials frequently, and really push myself to do better, nothing compares to getting feedback from a teacher. I enrolled at Parsons for a fashion sketching class; I love the concept of not only learning to draw people, but learning how to appropriately add clothes to them! And as a perk, it’s also done with charcoal… a medium I’ve never explored.

With all of the pages that I’m filling up with drawings, I’ve decided that I really should share some with you! Classes are weekly through the end of the semester… and I’m bound to only get better! So I think that I’ll start at the beginning and show you more along as I go.

(Just a note: I just barely discovered how fabulous instagram is – I know, I know, I’m completely behind the curve! – so I went a little crazy… The next posts won’t be quite so instagram heavy.)

The first few weeks were focused on gesture drawings: getting a rough skeleton of the figure onto paper. We talked about 8-head tall figures, and poses. We did drawings based off of live models, and I filled up countless pages in my 18″x23″ sketchbook. But despite all of the work and learning, it didn’t really leave me with any fantastic images to show.

So, onto the next step… After the gesture drawings, I learned to really get the figure of the ribcage and hips down. Both of these can be thought of as boxes, and I love how this show where the drawing is going.

Stay tuned… my sketch pad is filling up quickly! I have so much more to share!

A Very Rockefeller Outing

I absolutely love this time of year! Winter is in the air, but not quite here yet… holiday decorations are going up, but it’s an unusual 70 degrees. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Jared and I stayed in the city for the holiday weekend, so after all of the post-Thanksgiving relaxing we decided to head out and look at the holiday preparations going on. Wreaths, snowflakes, and twinkle lights are going up all around the city, and Rockefeller Center is looking like a dream!

(I was wearing: skirt, express… ages ago; leg warmers, strawberry; almost everything else is forever 21… hmm… it was a very forever 21 day!)

Leather Debut

About a year ago I found this amazing purple leather skirt at a second-hand store, and immediately snatched it up. And then promptly forgot that I had it.

I ran across it a bit ago, as I was unpacking clothes from the great cross-country move, but just couldn’t seem to style it with anything. So it sat in the closet. So sad!

Then one day, a couple weeks ago, I blindly grabbed it from the closet as I was desperately trying to hustle out the door: the look ended up absolutely perfect!

And since then, it’s become a staple of my wardrobe. Funny how things evolve.

(outfit details: yellow sweater, h&m; pink button-up, express; thrifted purple leather banana republic skirt; jessica simpson gray thigh-high socks, strawberry)

The Gothic Bridge

A week or so ago, Jared and I realized that we were on the brink of one of the last warm days that New York was likely to see this year, so we headed to the park. It was absolutely gorgeous! I’m amazed that no matter how many times I wander through Central Park I always find something new. Among the new things that I found this time was this gothic bridge.

I wasn’t exactly prepared to do outfit photos, but with the light coming through the leaves in just the right way, how could I say no?!

Now, looking at these photos has me dreaming of warmer days.

Change Tastes Delicious!

Oh, my lovelies! It’s been too long. I have started on a fabulous adventure this year, and although I’ve been too engrossed in evolving to share details as they happen, I haven’t forgotten about you. Remember this post from oh, so long ago? Well, I knew what I was talking about… I definitely knew that I was pushing change. And just like the whirlwind that I was preparing for, my future grabbed me, twirled me about, and left me on a fresh, exciting path.

More details about all of my adventures are to come, but for now, I’ll just say: I’m absolutely happy!!

With all of this change in my life comes change in what I’d like to share with you. Don’t worry… I won’t changeĀ too much! I’ll keep some of your favorites like Random Little Tidbits, Things I Heart, and 5 favorites, but my new and exciting routine is definitely going to lead to new and exciting content! Just you wait!!


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