Photo Editing Samples

I recently realized that I have been doing a bunch of photo editing, and haven’t thought to show you any before and after pictures. (How thoughtless of me!!) But it’s an oversight that can easily be fixed. Below are three of my favorites. In the future, I’ll remember to share more!

This one was fixed for the front of the new business cards for The Big Purple Tree. For it I slightly intensified the black, and increased the lens coloring, as well as cleaned up the background. Sometimes simple things can make all the difference.

This has to be one of my absolute favorite pictures! (Done for a header for The Big Purple Tree’s website) The retouching was minimal (I only altered the color of the leaf), but the reaction that it gets makes me smile every time!!

Out of the three photos, this is definitely the most drastic. First off I flipped the image (left to right) and smoothed out skin imperfections, including the dark circles under my eyes. Next, I altered the hair color and intensified the color of the eyes. Finally I erased the background, matching the new color to a shade that peeked through strands of hair in order to maintain consistency.

I absolutely love seeing where it started, and how I could alter it while maintaining believability. Photo editing and retouching gives a whole new life to each photo!

So Many Business Cards!

Last week was definitely a week of business cards – with 3 finished products coming together within just a couple days!

I’ve been working with the Saucy Ladies for a while now. Last summer – as they made the transition from hand-made, organic sauces to catering – the owner approached me to develop an identity and marketing materials specific to her catering. I started with a few mock-ups, then dove into photo shoots of her fantastic food. With the product of 4 full days of pictures to work with, we’re nearing the end. The business cards were finally printed last week, and the turned out perfectly! They’re a 3″x5″ size with a recipe on back, setting them apart from the rest while reflecting the nature of her business.

While I do update my portfolio as new projects come to fruition, it seems like good practice to give it a grand overhaul every year: more than that is extremely time consuming, and less would just be neglectful. With a new look to house my designs, comes a new feel for my design identity for the year. And new business cards! I absolutely LOVE this year’s rendition!

During the process of updating my cards, I talked to Jared (of The Big Purple Tree) and we decided to update his as well. Last year’s cards for The Big Purple Tree were very graphic heavy, this year we decided to put more emphasis on the film/video work that he does. I used an image that we had already photographed as a website banner in order to maintain consistency throughout the mediums, and simplified everything with a white background.

I absolutely love seeing the end results of my work!!

Anna Sui Dress

I came across this dress in late December (after all of the holiday parties were over), and was extremely excited to wear it, but all suitable occasions had past. I held onto it through January and February, admiring it as it hung in my closet, but never putting it on. Then one rainy March morning, I decided that enough was enough! A dress this fantastic doesn’t need an occasion!! So I pulled out my camera.

There’s always a very sweet feminine, girly aspect…a touch of nostalgia.  There’s also the aspect of trendiness; the hipness I try to create by always adding a rock-and-roll coolness.  There’s always that ambiguity…the Good Girl/Bad Girl thing.  All these facets have to go into my designs, or it doesn’t look like “Anna Sui”.

- Anna Sui

This (slightly incomplete) outfit definitely leans more towards the “good girl” aspect of the dress. Every inch of lace is completely on display. But I have plans to see if I can’t bring out the rock-and-roll. Maybe leather leggings and 5″ heels?! More pictures are definitely to come.

In the mean time, check out Anna Sui’s shop. So many gorgeous things!

Thought that I might as well slide one more picture in! This was the last shot that I took… I was poised and ready… then I slipped. The camera caught me just as I fell out of the window sill.

Random Little Tidbits #18

♥  Rumi of Fashion Toast was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit. My heart goes out to those who are there!

♥  Give until it hurts from White Hot Truth.

♥  Great Gatsby: The Video Game! Really, need I say more?! (Thanks, Jared!)

♥  Recently the Museum of Modern Art added 23 digital fonts into its collection. I love, LOVE it!

♥  On that note, 5 Principles for Choosing a Typeface from Smashing Magazine.

♥  And for some daily typographic inspiration, check out Friends of Type.

♥  One more design related thing before I move on: A form letter to help you politely decline spec work. Along with some solid reasoning as to why spec work can be a bad idea for everyone involved.

♥  Let’s wrap it up with 50 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City.

It’s Inspiring – Font Face

I came across this and absolutely had to share it with you! It is a beautiful tribute to four classic typefaces, done by a Spanish design studio, Atipo.

And if the images alone aren’t enough, the video below is sure to get your creative juices flowing:

DIY: Shoe Reconstruction

A while back I picked up a pair of shoes from a store called Shoe Carnival. I was on a desperate search for a pair of decent boots, and had tried on every pair in town. The Shoe Carnival (located conveniently next to the Dress Barn) touts a name that makes me cringe (as does the Dress Barn)… I stayed away! But after what felt like an epic search with no end in sight, I decided that I had to exhaust every option. So to the Shoe Carnival I went.

When I stepped in, it wasn’t too bad… kind of a Payless Shoes meets Famous Footwear. Not immediately fantastic, but still boxes and boxes of inexpensive shoes. I wandered through the store and eventually ended up at a $5 rack at the back, which is where I found these beauties:

With their faded denim, gold trim, and strips of pink zebra print with (wait for it…) a snake skin texture, they were too horribly good to pass up. In fact, I even picked up a pair for a friend.

They’ve been sitting in their box in my closet since November. Until a week ago, when I had a bit of a DIY adventure.

(scans from Harper’s BAZAAR & Marie Claire)

I have been lusting after the SS11 Dior sandals (above). So many laces, feathers, and gorgeously bright colors! I was completely inspired!! I grabbed some silk-screening paint (waterproof and intended for fabric) and got to work. $2.50 in ribbon, and a few hours of painting later, and I have these beauties:

My friend caught a glimpse of them, and within a few days I received a picture:

There is hope for ugly shoes! I have already begun plotting for the next pair on my horizon.

It’s Inspiring: BAZAAR February 2011

Recently I picked up an issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. It isn’t a magazine that I generally read, although I don’t know why. As I was flipping through I came across a couple pages that I had to share with you!

These title pages beautifully embrace simple colors and plentiful white space, allowing the letters to jump off the page as art.

Simple and completely inspiring!

In Summary – 1.28.11

I can’t believe that January has completely gotten away from me! It’s already the 28th. Well, here’s to a magical February! Let me give you a rundown of the last two weeks:

Last week Jared and I flew to New York on some business.

Manhattan is my favorite place ever! So while we took care of what we needed to, we also did a little wandering through town.

It was absolutely freezing! I did have a bunch of outfit posts planned for you, but the bitter cold kept them all hidden below my coat.

This venture to New York was the first to take me to a hostel. How did I not know about these earlier?! On top of being fantastically inexpensive, there was also a cafe and a bar-style common room. One of the nights we grabbed dinner from the market across the street and listened to one of the other guests (a guy from Brazil) play the accordion.

He did a few classics and then moved into Lady Gaga, and Brittany Spears. Accordion music as I had never hear it before!! (Thanks for the video Jared!!)

Oh! And then the French Macaroons! *drool*. I had heard of these and knew that I needed to try them, but I had absolutely no idea how quickly I would fall in love with them! The French seriously know their pastries!!

And more on food:

I had heard of Momofuku Noodles, and was intrigued. But before I knew it Jared and I were hovering unknowingly in front of their door. It had to happen! So we stopped in for delicious noodles.

And then there was CBGB!! It’s only slightly before my time, and I’ve always been sad that I didn’t make it to this legendary club before it closed. But I absolutely appreciate that the designer clothing store that moved in is doing its best to keep the memory alive! If you don’t know the story of CBGB, read about it here. It’s definitely a story worth knowing.

And then it was time to fly back to Salt Lake. I’m always sad to leave New York… I have so much more to take care of there, but it was time for the Sundance Film Festival!

Sundance has been a huge chunk of my week. I will definitely give you a Sundance review like last year’s very soon. But if you’re dying to know, check out my tweets from this week.

And with that I’m off! Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!!

Fashion Statements #5

It has been an absolutely epic January! I really do apologize for my absence, my lovely readers. But between jumping into full-time freelance, a trip to New York, and the Sundance Film Festival, my time with the internet has been sparse. Let’s get right back into it with an outfit post! I wore this Sunday to Park City for Sundance.

After the bitter cold weather of the east coast, the temperatures in Park City hovering in the upper 30’s was absolutely pleasant. I was able to shed my coat to offer you the full effect of the outfit. What I wore:

Hat: Strawberry

Necklace: A huge chunk of Amber; Xmas present from my mom

Cardigan: Forever 21

Belt: Aldo (borrowed from Emily)

Fingerless Gloves: Urban Outfitter

Skirt: Forever 21

Leggings: Forever 21 (with fantastic UnderArmor underneath!)

Boots: Sorels (more on these AMAZING boots later!!)

Well lovelies, I’m off to get some work done.

In Summary – 01.07.11

I have had a wicked cold this week, so I don’t have too much of an update. But I do have a few things to share:

I  have to say that this way one of my absolute favorite NYE parties of all time! It was complete with Chinese lanterns, Saucy Ladies Catering, champagne, some of my very favorite people, and (of course) a New Years kiss with my amazing husband! Thank you, Emily and Nate, for orchestrating such an fantastic party!

Then, on New Year’s Day, Jared and I ate black eyed peas, a southern tradition for good luck in the new year.

A design post for the brochures and an outfit post are on their way, until then you’ll just have to trust me when I say that they were both fabulous!!

Sundance is right around the corner!! I’m getting so excited!

Over the past few months, I have been alluding to big changes coming my way. This Monday I took the first huge step. I quit my day job! I have spent the past 2 1/2 years of my life at this desk, and in a week I’ll never sit in that chair again. My life is enveloped in the winds of change! Fabulous things are on their way!! This means that I will be open to A LOT more freelance work… If you have a project that you’ve been sitting on, now is definitely a great time to get with me.


Well, lovelies, I’m off to get an early start to my weekend!


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