Corporate Identity


Collateral and Packaging

CORPORATE IDENTITY & PACKAGING – Saucy Ladies produces vinegar and vanilla; both products are favor concentrations from extreme ends of the taste spectrum that come together under one label – a label that demonstrates an extreme combination of its own where classic and modern combine. As the company has grown into catering, this identity seamlessly transitioned with them.

BROCHURE, BUSINESS CARDS & MENU BOOK – Saucy Ladies Catering specializes in tapas and finger menus presented as a form of art. Their menu is versatile enough to cover anything from black tie affairs to company picnics & their brochures and business cards need to appeal to the entire spectrum of clientele. The design simple and organic, allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. The Menu Book consists of a title page for each course and an individual page for each menu item. Photographs are paired with mouth-watering descriptions laid out in a two-page spread that follows the organic and picture-centered theme of the brochures and business cards.

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