Things I Heart – Coke + Mentos (and YouTube in 3D)

I’ve noticed that this week there are so many things I heart! But after a lot of thought I’ve narrowed it down to this:

I always thought that this was just an urban myth, but here it is: Coke + Mentos!

Want to take it one step farther?! You’d better watch this one:

. . . → Read More: Things I Heart – Coke + Mentos (and YouTube in 3D)

Jonesing for Java – Home Roast

One recent Sunday night, after dinner with the family, my brother offered to brew a pot of coffee. Of course I accepted!! He told me that this wasn’t going to be like any other cup of coffee that I had ever had. He . . . → Read More: Jonesing for Java – Home Roast

In Summary – 5.21.10

This week has been absolutely insane (last week too for that matter). But the pressing deadlines have passed and I finally got a good night rest.

I’ve been part of a group diligently working . . . → Read More: In Summary – 5.21.10

New York Adventure

On Cinco de Mayo I headed to the airport on my way to New York City!! It was my first time, so be warned that the entire post below is super tourist-y…

After a red-eye flight followed by a subway ride to midtown Manhattan, I was finally loose in the city, and this was . . . → Read More: New York Adventure

In Summary – 5.2.10

What a fantastic April! Thanks for joining me as I went creative. I’ve gotten a lot done (although not as much as I’d like… I guess that’s how it goes: so many ideas and never enough time). I absolutely loved my Creative April, but I am excited to get back to my regular features.

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Welcome to Creative April

I am SO excited!! I have so many huge projects that I plan to finish this month; there will be so much to show you. My creativity will be going with all of my energy, and I hope yours will too. I aim to inspire and motivate you. With this in mind, there . . . → Read More: Welcome to Creative April

In Summary – 3.26.10

It’s been too long since my last In Summary (an extra week), so this one may be a bit long… I just have so much to share!

Disney on Ice!!! I have the opportunity to do a little bit of work with an agency that works with the promotion group for . . . → Read More: In Summary – 3.26.10

Grab the Bull by the (um…) horns!

“The only thing I fear more than change is no change” – Unknown

I’m getting ready to roll out a month of creativity (I am so excited for April!!) In preparation I am laying out a whole slew of inspiration and advice articles. With this consuming my brain I have had many . . . → Read More: Grab the Bull by the (um…) horns!

Seeing Green

Happy St Patricks Day! Ledgend has it that Saint Patrick was given a day of celebration for his miracle of running the snakes out of Ireland, however, the History Channel touts that no such event ever happened. Therefore, today is just a day to PARTY!!


I woke up bright and early (but not . . . → Read More: Seeing Green

Aerial Photography

Monday morning, bright and early, Jared and I headed out to the airport for an amazing opportunity! We were asked to fly over Salt Lake for some aerial shots of the city… Jared filmed, and I snapped nearly a thousand pictures. We arrived at a small hanger that houses several small planes; . . . → Read More: Aerial Photography


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