Finding Inspiration – Google

Every week I present you with the thing that has inspired me most throughout the week with my “It’s Inspiring” posts. With enhanced creativity in mind, I’m going to share one of my very favorite resources for tracking down this inspiration with you: Google. I know, even as I’m typing it feels a little like . . . → Read More: Finding Inspiration – Google

Creativity and Your Surroundings

Your creativity so is completely affected by your surroundings. Your mood, what you read, if you’ve vacuumed lately: these all alter your finished project.

Sometime around St Patrick’s day I watched a few minutes of Hulu; they had a special on everything Irish: snippets from food network on Guinness, the history of whiskey, clips from . . . → Read More: Creativity and Your Surroundings

Grab the Bull by the (um…) horns!

“The only thing I fear more than change is no change” – Unknown

I’m getting ready to roll out a month of creativity (I am so excited for April!!) In preparation I am laying out a whole slew of inspiration and advice articles. With this consuming my brain I have had many . . . → Read More: Grab the Bull by the (um…) horns!

An Unexpected Lesson

I had an amazing weekend! I took time off to intentionally relax from work… except that I didn’t. I can’t help it! I tucked my computer away (only pulling it out to read my personal version of smut… my time wasting fluff), and apparently collaborate on an exciting new project. When you work for yourself, . . . → Read More: An Unexpected Lesson


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